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Water Features

Water Features, Carson City, NV

Water features are great additions to your landscape. They not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor area but also play some important functions. The therapeutic effect of water elements is just one of the good reasons why you should have at least one water feature in your property. They also help create harmony and a unique ambiance in predominantly green landscaping.

If you need people who can design and build your desired water features, please call us at Torres Maintenance. For years, we have been creating beautiful landscapes with exquisitely designed water elements. Some of the features that we can create are ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. Call us now at (775) 291-1041 so we can show you some of our completed works in Carson City, Reno, Incline Village, Elk Point, Crystal Bay, Glenbrook, and Lake Tahoe.

Exquisitely Designed Water Features

The beauty and charm of your water features largely depend on the creativity of your contractor. A typical pond, for example, can be transformed into a beautiful oasis with the creative use of stones and careful selection of aquatic plants. Your contractor should also know the perfect spots where the features will be installed.

And here at Torres Maintenance, we have creative designers who can work on any design and type of water feature. Their experience includes designing water features for large estates and commercial properties in Nevada. As a locally based landscape company, we know the needs and preferences of our local clients. We create highly personalized water feature designs to make their landscapes a standout in their community. We also adopt a simple but effective approach when designing and installing this landscape element. Some of our recommendations include installing tiered fountains in the middle of the garden and adding an artificial stream and waterfall to a fish pond.    

The Perfect Water Features for Your Property

It is difficult to choose the type of water feature that will best suit your needs and complement with other features in the landscape. But with the help of professionals like us, you can easily choose the perfect feature to add to your landscape. We can guide you in the selection process and suggest the most appropriate water element that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. 

Some of the water features that you should consider include:

  • Waterfalls

    . A lot of our previous customers choose waterfalls for their wonderful benefits. The sight and sound of flowing water from a waterfall is a great stress reliever. It can calm the soul and even offer therapeutic benefits. There are also different types of waterfalls that can be installed in your landscape. You can choose from wall waterfall, cascading, or pondless. Just let us know your preferred type, and we will install it in its perfect spot in the landscape.

  • Ponds

    . These water features are effective in creating focal spots in any type of landscape. The great thing about ponds is that they can be built on a landscape with limited space. The popular pond types that we can install for you include koi, rock, and garden ponds.

  • Fountains

    . A cost-effective addition to your landscape is a fountain. It comes in various sizes, designs, and materials, so you can choose the ones that will best suit your design taste. Bubbling, cascading, spilling, and jet fountains are just some of the options that we offer to our clients.

Let us build custom-designed water features in your property at costs that won’t hurt your pockets. Contact us now at (775) 291-1041.