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Irrigation, Carson City, NV

Achieving a green and lush landscape is only possible if you have a properly working irrigation system. It must be in tiptop condition at all times to ensure that the lawn and other types of plantings get their needed water at the right amount and time. But the efficiency of the system largely depends on the design and the materials used in the installation. You have to make sure that the design and installation work is performed by qualified and experienced contractors like us at Torres Maintenance.

We are one of the few companies in Nevada that offer quality irrigation installation and maintenance services. Our people are certified installers and well-experienced in designing watering systems for homes and commercial properties. We are the right company to hire because of our extensive experience in the industry. Our company has been providing comprehensive landscaping services in the Greater Lake Tahoe area. We serve Carson City, Reno, Incline Village, Crystal Bay, Glenbrook, Elk Point, and other CA areas. Please call us at (775) 291-1041 so we can assist you in your concerns. Rest assured that you'll get the perfect system for your lawn or landscape.

Expert Irrigation Installers

If you want to get an efficient and long-lasting irrigation system, choose an expert installer like us. As an experienced contractor, we know the type of irrigation that will best suit your lawn or the design that will satisfy the watering requirements of your entire landscape.

Here are some more reasons why we are the right company to hire for your irrigation project:

  • employs experienced and properly trained crews
  • uses modern tools and equipment
  • access to premium products and materials
  • certified and authorized installers
  • in-depth knowledge of the needs of lawns and landscapes
  • uses proven installation methods and techniques

Installation of Water-Efficient Irrigation

Installing highly efficient watering systems is our primary goal here at Torres Maintenance. We want our clients to enjoy healthy and vibrant landscapes without worrying about the utility cost. To achieve this goal, we install only automated sprinklers and drip-type irrigation. These systems are proven water efficient and can ensure 100% coverage of your landscaping.

The automated system also offers other great benefits and advantages. For one, you can operate it in a set-and-forget manner. You can set the time, frequency, and areas to be irrigated. A fully automated irrigation system is also fitted with modern features such as sensors and timers. This system will dramatically reduce your landscape’s water consumption.

Irrigation Repair and Maintenance

Over time, your irrigation system will deteriorate due to wear and tear. It may malfunction or get damaged due to constant use and extreme weather conditions. When these happen, you need to immediately call a repair specialist. You should act promptly since burst pipes and leaking sprinklers can lead to huge water bills. It can also cause flooding, which can damage your turf and other plantings in the landscape.  If you hire us, we will make sure that the problem is taken care of immediately. Our technicians will identify the root cause of the problem and fix it outright. We will also use long-term solutions to prevent frequent repairs and bring back the integrity of the entire system. You can also get our preventative maintenance service to ensure the optimum functioning of your system and avoid unexpected breakdowns. Call us today.