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Painting Services, Carson City, NV

A home improvement project is not always an expensive undertaking. You can improve your home's aesthetic appeal by just repainting the interior and exterior areas. A repainting job will also help increase the market value of your property. And if you want to enjoy these benefits, make sure that the job is handled by professionals. At Torres Maintenance, we employ professional painters who are well-experienced in interior and exterior painting jobs. They have completed numerous projects in Carson City, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Incline Village, Elk Point, Crystal Bay, Glenbrook, and other areas in Nevada. And we are proud that all of our previous clients are highly satisfied with the results of our work. If you are interested in our services, please call us right now at (775) 291-1041.

Experienced Painters

There are some property owners who are still inclined to make the painting job a DIY project. While they can save some dollars and enjoy doing the task, there is no guarantee that the results will be commendable. The common issues of a DIY project include paint peeling, cracking, and uneven texture or finish. It is possible that they chose the wrong type of paint or failed to follow the right application technique and method. To avoid these problems, hire only experienced painters with an impressive portfolio. If you hire us, we will perform the job proficiently by using the right type of paint and proven application techniques. We are also equipped with the right tools and equipment to ensure fast completion of the project.

Interior and Exterior Painting Jobs

Torres Maintenance can handle all types of painting jobs, whether in residential or commercial properties. Our crews can work on interior and exterior repainting projects with ease since they are properly trained and equipped with the right tools. They work meticulously and ensure that the job is done according to clients’ specifications.

Our professional painters know the different decorative techniques used in interior areas. We can use faux painting techniques to achieve an elegantly painted wall or ceiling. The great thing about this decorative method is that it can mimic the look and texture of other materials, such as wood, marble, metal, and leather. You may also opt for traditional finishes such as satin, matte, or gloss. We can also work on your desired theme or color combinations.

Meanwhile, an exterior painting job is more difficult than working on interiors because the surface to be painted is exposed to the elements. But here at Torres Maintenance, we are always ready for the job. We will go to your place complete with the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies. We clean and prepare the area before we proceed with our job to avoid damaging landscape features and other outdoor installations. We make sure that the right type of paint is used on the walls, roofing, pillars, and other exterior features in your property.

Premium Quality Paints and Supplies

At Torres Maintenance, we use only premium quality paints in all our projects. We never settle for inferior products since they won't last long and may fade and peel prematurely. Our paints are sourced from leading manufacturers and suppliers, so you are assured of their quality. We also carefully select the other materials we use in our painting projects. From primer and waterproofing supplies to joint compound and sealants, we get them only from trusted suppliers.