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Best Snow Removal Options

In the winter months, there are times when you get completely snowed in. It becomes difficult to get out of home to work. Businesses have a tough time too; if their premises are covered with snow, even the trickle of customers wouldn’t be able to come there. And for a commercial establishment, this can mean loss of business and revenue.  Read more about Snow Removal >>


Designing & Building Retaining Walls

If your property is in need of a retaining wall then it is a good idea to get the help of a professional wall company like Torres Maintenance. You want to make sure that your wall is built to local standards and building codes and that it is built by those who have experience in the trade. Read more about Retaining Walls >>


Types of Pavers for Your Hardscapes

One of the many reasons why ‘pavers’ have become such a popular hardscaping material is because of the many options you have to create a unique looking application. You have many materials to choose from including brick, concrete and natural stone. You also can have them installed in a pattern like running bond or brick. Then you have a huge range of colors, sizes, shapes and textures to select from! Read more about Pavers >>


Best Landscaping Tips

In this article we will be talking about ‘Landscaping’ and all that a landscaping company should be able to offer you. We aim to be your one-stop landscaping shop! We want to be able to provide our clients with a full range of landscaping services so that way we can do every job from start to finish and not need to hire out any other contractors! Read more about Landscaping >>


Top 3 Landscape Lighting Options

Would you like to be able to showcase your landscape setting after dark as well as during the day? How about the addition of a landscape lighting scheme? You will be amazed at the effects some lighting can have on your residential or commercial property. Not only will your visual appeal increase but you will also gain extra security and safety with the right lighting fuxtures! Read more about Landscape Lighting >>


Benefits of Landscape Maintenance

There are many services that cover the field of landscape maintenance and some of these are lawn mowing, edging, trimming, aeration, fertilizing, de-thatching, sodding, weed control, pest control and seasonal clean ups. We can take of all of your landscape maintenance needs for you!  Read more about Landscape Maintenance >>