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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting, Carson City, NV

Landscape lighting is an important feature in your landscaping. It illuminates your outdoors and makes the landscape more attractive. Some of the areas in your landscape that must be properly illuminated are patios, pools, outdoor kitchens, driveways, walkways and garden paths, and other outdoor living amenities. By using the right type of lighting, the beauty of these landscape features is highlighted. You can even create interesting lighting effects when the design and installation are handled by professionals like us.

Torres Maintenance has been installing landscape lighting for residential and commercial clients in Carson City, Reno, and greater Lake Tahoe area. Our decades of experience in the landscaping industry have helped us master the different lighting methods and techniques. We don't just make landscapes safer at night but also stunningly beautiful with our clever use of different types of lighting. Please call us at (775) 291-1041 so we can visit your property and assess the lighting needs of your landscape.

Professional Landscape Lighting Installation

Finding the right people to design and install your landscape lighting is a difficult task. You have to consider their credentials and length of experience in lighting installation. It is also best if you can find one with extensive experience in residential and commercial lighting installation projects. And here at Torres Maintenance, we possess all the qualifications you need from a trustworthy contractor. A reliable installer like us can work on any outdoor lighting design without compromising quality. We also use modern tools and equipment to ensure the correct installation of the entire lighting system. Moreover, we have people who are certified lighting technicians, so you are guaranteed that the work is done according to industry standards.

Effective Use of Different Lighting Techniques

One of the functions of landscape lighting is to make the outdoors well illuminated at night. However, you can also use it to create a more interesting landscape and make the outdoors a more favorable place for outdoor activities. For example, swimming in the pool area at night is now possible and more enjoyable with the addition of underwater lighting and downlights.

At Torres Maintenance, we can create a unique outdoor ambiance or drama with our efficient use of lighting effects and techniques. Some of the techniques that we use are:

  • silhouetting
  • grazing
  • wall washing
  • down lighting
  • uplighting
  • moonlighting
  • underwater lighting
  • path lighting


Energy-efficient Landscape Lighting

Energy cost is one of the main concerns of property owners like you. But here at Torres Maintenance, we can help you save on your monthly electric bill by using energy-efficient landscape lighting fixtures. We use only low-voltage lighting and LED lighting because of their outstanding benefits. They consume lesser energy compared to traditional types of lighting. They are also safer to use, available in various designs, low-maintenance, and easy to install.

Top-quality Lighting Products and Services

We always provide our Nevada clients with premium lighting products and excellent installation service, regardless of the scope and requirements of the landscape lighting project. We never settle for subpar products or work hastily on a project just to move on to the next one. Our people have good work ethics and adhere to quality workmanship. For top-notch outdoor lighting design and installation services, please call Torres Maintenance today.