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Plants & Trees, Carson City, NV

Your outdoor area can become a beautiful and relaxing spot by installing the right kinds of plants and trees. These softscape elements also have other important functions in a landscape. Some of them act as effective ground cover, prevent soil erosion, provide shade, improve security and privacy in the area, or act as windbreakers. With these benefits, it is a must that the plantings are carefully selected and only installed by qualified people. A knowledgeable and experienced landscaper can help you achieve a stunning landscape with your chosen softscape elements. And here at Torres Maintenance, we have expert landscapers who can help you in the selection and installation process.

As one of the most established landscaping companies in Nevada, we have the manpower and resources to work on any type and scope of landscaping project. We have horticulturists who can guide you in choosing the perfect type of plantings for your landscape. We've been doing this for our clients in Carson City, Reno, Incline Village, Elk Point, Crystal Bay, Glenbrook, and Lake Tahoe. Please call us at (775) 291-1041 or visit our office so we can discuss your plans and ideas. We will also show you our complete list of plants and trees that are commonly used for residential and commercial landscaping.

Healthy Plants and Trees Guaranteed

The plants and trees that we install on your landscape are guaranteed healthy. We source them from trusted nurseries in the state and handpicked by our plant experts. Since the plants that we choose are grown properly, you will be assured that they are sturdy and disease free. You won't see any withering or dying plants in your landscape after our installation.

Meanwhile, we highly recommend installing various plant species in your landscape to make it attractive. We can also create a nature-like environment with our clever use of different plant combinations. For example, we can design a colorful flower garden that changes color every season or blooms all year round. You can also suggest your own ideas or specific garden theme if you want to have a highly personalized landscape setup.

Complete Selection of Plants and Trees

Our complete selection of plants and trees is another reason why most property owners in Nevada choose us. Our partner nurseries can supply us with any type and species of plants that you may desire. We have different types of annuals, perennials, groundcovers, shrubs, and trees. Most of our plants and trees are recommended for Northern Nevada climate, so you should not worry about the cost of maintaining these softscape features. If your preferred plant varieties are not on our list, we will try our best to source them for you.

Aside from the plant installation service that we offer, we can also maintain your turf, flower gardens, trees, and other types of plantings. We offer mowing, shrubs pruning, tree trimming, and other maintenance tasks. You’ll get outstanding maintenance service because our crews are all experienced and equipped with the right tools and equipment. Call us now so we can provide you more information about our complete range of services.